Monday, July 13, 2009

July Ride Schedule

7/7 - Walker Ranch
- Meet at main trailhead parking lot
- Ride counterclockwise to stairs and back
- Barbeque afterwards

7/14 - West Mag
- Meet at trailhead off Peak to Peak Hwy @ intersection with Magnolia
- Don't know the trail names just know the way
- Barbeque afterwards

7/21 - White Ranch
- Meet at main trailhead parking lot (lower/Belcher)
- Belcher/Maverick/Longhorn/Shorthorn/Longhorn/Belcher
- Barbeque afterwards

7/28 - Mt. Falcon/Lair of the Bear
- Meet at Lair of the Bear trailhead
- Ride down canyon thru Morrison to Ft. Falcon Trailhead
- Ft. Falcon/Lair of the Bear
- Barbeque afterwards

All rides start promptly (riiiiiiight) at 5:30! TNR blog will be updated no later than 4 o'clock on ride day if weather is threatening or trail conditions are questionable. Please indicate thru comments if you will be attending a specific ride.


  1. that's 7/28 for Mt. Falcon right? 7/27 is a Monday.

  2. Anyone riding tonight? If so, where?

  3. Hey Tom,
    I'm Donny, I met you on Sat near Marshall Mesa, and just wanted to get on the list for upcoming rides. Thanks for letting me know about you guys!